Flood Control Projects

In this section, you will find various projects in different sequential phases as each project undergoes the flood control process. All projects are planned and anticipated for completion. However, they are subject to a number of factors that may affect their implementation including; changes in priority, lengthy studies, shortage of resources, lack of public support, lengthy right-of-way negotiations and permit negotiations with regulatory agencies and utility conflicts.

Below is a description of the various phases of projects and links to the sections:

  1. Projects for RFQ/RFP Architect-Engineer (A-E) – This section will enable an A-E to view a list of available projects requiring additional manpower and /or expertise to complete the design under time constraints. The A-E can respond to the request by submitting their qualifications or a proposal.
  2. Projects Advertised for Construction - Construction Firms interested in bidding on flood control construction projects can obtain information about the County of Orange bidding process and projects that are currently in the advertisement phase.
  3. Design Projects – The projects in this site are currently being designed by Flood Control Design and Project Management (in-house) and the A-E. They have been slated in the first two fiscal years and are budgeted projects approved by the Board of Supervisors.
  4. Construction Projects – These projects have recently completed the design phase, advertised and awarded construction contract. These projects are currently being constructed.
  5. Completed Projects – The construction of these projects has been completed.
  6. Future Projects – These projects although not yet budgeted are planned for the purposes phasing for design and construction, how and when money and manpower will be spent for anticipated projects.
  7. Feasibility Studies – Ongoing flood risk management studies in partnership with the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
  8. Annual Progress Report for Floodplain Management Plan
  • The County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan has a floodplain management plan section that includes mitigation action items. The documents below summarize the background and activities of the largest remaining floodplains in Orange County, both previous and present. Activities are basically projects in design, projects under construction, and completed construction projects from the 7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan, including construction projects completed by others such as cities, other agencies, or developers.
    1. 2013 Annual Progress Report to FMP of the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan 
    2. 2010 Flood Management Plan (FMP) of the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan 
  • 7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvements Plan – This plan mainly consist of projects to address the flood hazards in the remaining two largest floodplains in Orange County. The plan strategically prioritizes projects for budgeting and planning for funding future projects with limited resources. The 7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan that has been adopted by the City Engineers Flood Control Advisory Committee (CEFCAC) for 2013 can be accessed by the following link:

 Adopted by CEFCAC 01-22-13